The Core exam is 50 multiple choice questions, closed-book and based on the core manual and the Department’s pesticide laws and regulations. Of the 50 questions, there are 10 pertaining to the pesticide label. If 4 or more of these label questions are answered incorrectly, you automatically fail the core exam.. "/>

A comprehensive database of pesticide quizzes online, test your knowledge with pesticide quiz questions. Our online pesticide trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your. MDARD offers two ways to take computer-based exams through Metro Institute, a private pesticide exam administration company authorized to conduct testing on MDARD's behalf. Exams can now be obtained at both established testing centers and online from your home or office. Measures toxicity of pesticide (what it takes to kill 50% of test animals. First aid procedures. Remove victim ... T/F returning empty liquid containers to manufacture is a good practice.. You determined from calibration test that your boom sprayer delivers 8 gallons of water over 0.25 acre (1/4 acre) test area. You need to apply pesticide to a 10-acre field. How much spray mixture is needed for the 10-acre application area?.

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